Valuing Women and Treasuring God’s Word

The women of Bethel Church in Temple, Texas, will meet you at the door. Six Wednesday nights each in spring and fall, Bethel Women hosts 150 to 200 guests for coffee, fellowship, and discipleship as they gather to study God’s Word. Bethel Women’s leaders present studies with an established teaching team that includes ReGina Johnston, … [Read more…]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Extreme sadness and depression are words that come to Bethany McGrath’s mind when talking to a woman dealing with infertility or pregnancy loss. She didn’t stop loving God, but she often questioned His decisions. “I was angry so many times,” McGrath recalls. “I wanted to stop ministry and move far away.” McGrath and her husband, … [Read more…]

This Week in AG History — Feb. 22, 1919

One hundred years ago, Assemblies of God missionary Albert Norton witnessed the tragic starvation and suffering of countless people in India. He responded to this humanitarian crisis in a Pentecostal Evangel article, in which he argued that Christian preaching must be accompanied by works of compassion. Norton’s experience in India gave him a different perspective … [Read more…]

BGMC Breaks Giving Record — Again

For the fifth consecutive year, giving to Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC) has broken the previous year’s record-giving total. In 2018, giving crested $8.5 million for the first time in the history of the program. According to David Boyd, BGMC national director, in 2018 $8,541,108.67 was given through BGMC to help missionaries reach the … [Read more…]

Not Less Than

When Paul and Julie Richardson arrived in Licking, Missouri — population 3,100 — to pastor the local Assemblies of God church, around 20 people came on a weekly basis. Seven years later, the average attendance is 120. In 2016, a staff pastor who works with Texas County emergency responders noticed a high percentage of single … [Read more…]

Gratitude for Chaplains

Pastor Ted L. Cederblom says his love for the nation’s military and its chaplains may have begun as early as infancy, when U.S. Marines rescued his missionary family from the midst of a war zone. Born in the Dominican Republic to missionary parents Larry and Dorothy Cederblom, he was barely a year old in 1965, … [Read more…]

Healed of Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Misty Burdette was dying. Breast cancer, which had been in remission for eight years, had returned with a vengeance. And this time doctors weren’t talking cure, but using phrases such as quality of life, slowing the progression, and extending her time, because there is no known cure for stage 4 breast cancer. Burdette, who is … [Read more…]

Special Events Draw Unchurched

In the suburbs of one of the Midwest’s fastest-growing cities, a church plant in its fourth year is reaching the area’s families, youth, and unchurched. Summitcreek Church has grown to more than 300 weekly attendees since it launched in 2015 in Johnston, Iowa. Lead pastor Jonathan C. Palmer, 32, says the church’s steady increase over … [Read more…]

Loving the Broken

Transient residents in one of the most depressed areas of Orlando, Florida, have found a haven for their souls in a nontraditional church started by a lay minister couple who saw a dire community need. Nine years ago, Paul and Jessie Downey launched One Church Fairvilla, an expression of One Church in Longwood, Florida. The … [Read more…]