Critical Decision

Endorsed Assemblies of God chaplain Joshua M. Czyz stood in the Auburn, New York, police on-site command unit and observed as Special Weapons and Tactics and local officers worked to bring an end to a standoff with a man who barred himself in his house after a domestic situation turned turbulent. Though Czyz, 44, ministered … [Read more…]

Fostering Benevolence

One Church, a congregation of 2,500 in Gahanna, Ohio, recently collected enough $25 gift cards to give three to every teen in foster care in Franklin County (population 1.3 million). Churchgoers donated nearly $60,000 and wrote cards for each teen. “As the church has grown, we wanted to activate to a different level of giving,” … [Read more…]

A Godly Life in Today's Culture

I’m a person who loves information. I’ve always been curious, annoyingly so at times, I’m sure. Few things delight my soul like learning an interesting fact about something, whether trivial or global in impact. I love to read books, magazines, and newspapers. I love a good documentary or historical series. I have little interest in … [Read more…]

AG Leaders Take Part in "The Send Brazil"

Leaders representing several national Assemblies of God fellowships were a part of the massive “The Send Brazil” event that was held on Feb. 8 simultaneously in three stadiums in two of Brazil’s largest cities. More than 140,000 people filled Brasilia National Stadium and Morumbi Stadium in the capital city of Brasilia and Allianz Parque in … [Read more…]

Replacing Homelessness with Hope

A heroin overdose helped Austin B. Chumbley realize he needed to change. The 23-year-old man had been homeless in Atlanta for months. He abused drugs every day. Friends wouldn’t let him stay the night with them anymore. “I was a guy who was literally on my way to the coffin,” he says. “I had hit … [Read more…]

This Week in AG History — Feb. 18, 1939

Long before Twitter, the Assemblies of God had “Daddy” Welch. John W. Welch (1859-1939), known affectionately as “Daddy Welch,” was a senior statesman in the Assemblies of God during its early decades. He served as Chairman (1915-1920 and 1923-1925) and Secretary (1920-1923) of the young Fellowship. Welch was known for his wit and wisdom. In … [Read more…]

Stronger Families, Stronger Churches

During dinner at almost any restaurant, an alarming pattern is evident. Younger couples use phones to finish up work while kids check social media. Even older couples often eat with little conversation. For many, the situation is similar at home. A quick internet search produces multiple articles about the detrimental effect of screen time on … [Read more…]

Former Evangel President Robert H. Spence Dies

Following an incapacitating stroke on Sunday, Robert H. Spence, who had led Evangel University for 40 years prior to his retirement in 2014, passed away peacefully this morning, surrounded by family and friends. He was 84 years old. Spence, whose service was recognized with an honorary key to the city of Springfield, Missouri, last week, … [Read more…]

Multigenerational Ministry

Periodicals, educational institutions, and spiritual leaders are weighing in on an up-and-coming approach to discipleship and evangelism. But is a multigenerational approach to ministry in fact a new idea and is it an important angle in ministry? Or is it just another fad that will come and then be gone? While the term multigenerational is … [Read more…]

Sober Peer to Enhance Addiction Treatment

“What would it look like to put hope within reach of every addict — online?” That’s the question Global Teen Challenge President Jerry Nance challenged leaders with more than seven years ago. Today, Sober Peer Enterprise and its social media Sober Peer App are just weeks away from going live — having been in beta … [Read more…]