Operation Renovate

To the members of a rural Illinois church, the many renovations their aging building needed seemed like a daunting ongoing task that could take years to finish. But for a church team on an assignment from God, it only took six days and a 40-person crew. A missions team from Calvary Church, a 7,000-person megachurch … [Read more…]

This Week in AG History — August 18, 1928

Hattie Hammond (1907-1994) was one of the premier preachers of the early Pentecostal-holiness movement. How did she gain that reputation? It was by preaching a simple gospel message of whole-heartedly serving God.  Born and raised in Williamsport, Maryland, she was saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit in a tent meeting at age 15, conducted … [Read more…]

Superhero Sunday

Special needs children and adults are always treated like champions at Rockford First, but on Aug. 14 they became superheroes at the Assemblies of God megachurch in Illinois. The inaugural Superhero Sunday benefited Champions Club, a ministry for families who have children with special needs. Events included the fourth annual Superhero Dash, which is an … [Read more…]

A Balm in Sherman Park

A large Assemblies of God church is taking the initiative to facilitate community dialogue in the wake of unrest in the Sherman Park section of north Milwaukee. The fatal shooting of a black man by a police officer Saturday and subsequent burning of a trio of neighborhood businesses all occurred within three blocks of Parklawn … [Read more…]

Victory Respite

Although a threat to religious higher education has eased in California, Assemblies of God leaders aren’t convinced the victory is permanent. State Sen. Ricardo Lara on Aug. 9 withdrew a proviso in SB 1146 that ultimately might have resulted in the closure of the vast majority of Christian colleges and universities in the state. Ostensibly … [Read more…]

Pooches to the Rescue

The ministry of Terri Carruthers went to the dogs in 1993. And hundreds of people have benefited since. Terri and her husband, Paul, are appointed Assemblies of God U.S. Missionary chaplains. She became certified in pet therapy 23 years ago. Every week she brings Mr. Bandit and Lil’ Bit to hospital floors to boost the … [Read more…]