The Consequences of Going Back Home

When Luke Womack graduated from college in 2011, he soon discovered that his bachelor’s degree in business administration didn’t guarantee a job. After months of sending out résumés, Car Max finally hired him as a used car salesman. Before that, Womack says, he was so desperate for work that he became a cook at Chick-Fil-A. … [Read more…]

This Week in AG History — July 30, 1932

The year was 1932. The world’s economic and political systems were groaning under the weight of an economic depression. Western culture was shifting as modern education and urbanization challenged traditional notions about family and morality. Myer Pearlman, a prominent Assemblies of God systematic theologian, writing in a 1932 Pentecostal Evangel article, summed up the cultural moment … [Read more…]

Social Media Rallies Prayer for Young Boy

Athletic and bright, a contagious and fun-loving smile was never far from 7-year-old Dominic Liples’ face. He played in a basketball league at the Y, loved building Lego kits, and was especially eager to attend the Wednesday evening children/youth program at his church. Dominic was a good kid. But for Dominic and his parents, Ken … [Read more…]

The Opioid Rage

Kristopher J. McFadden Sr., tackled on the initial drive of his first game as the starting quarterback for East Stroudsburg University , suffered a third-degree separation of his collarbone. The injury ended his collegiate football career, but more importantly started his drug addiction. A doctor prescribed an opioid painkiller to assist McFadden’s physical recovery. The … [Read more…]

The Nations Come to Phoenix

When Wayne and Drue Huffman returned to the United States after more than two decades as Assemblies of God missionaries in Europe, they discovered a different mission field much closer to home. The Huffmans quickly noticed the struggles that local immigrants and refugees faced — and their need for the gospel. “We came back to an … [Read more…]

Staying Hitched Is Smart

Recently Ron and Debbie Jansen traveled to a local Amish tourist spot outside their hometown of Canton, Ohio, to explore, dine, and unwind. It had been a rough three years for the couple as they dealt with an onslaught of family and health issues, and they needed to get away to strengthen each other as … [Read more…]

Dallas Diversity Discussion

RED OAK, Texas — Ostensibly, the leadership roundtable forum at Wednesday’s Assemblies of God National Black Fellowship Reach Conference was to discuss implementation of a resolution approved by the General Council last year to add a designated African-American representative to the Executive Presbytery. But the free-ranging conversations by a dozen panelists and various audience members … [Read more…]