Not Your Average Rodeo

A rodeo in Nashville may not seem like a strange occurrence. But put that rodeo in the middle of a church sanctuary, and it’s likely to turn some heads. From June 29 to July 3, Cornerstone Nashville Assembly of God in Madison, Tennessee, will hold a five-night professional rodeo within the confines of the church’s … [Read more…]

This Week in AG History — June 26, 1966

Wernher von Braun (1912-1977), one of Nazi Germany’s leading rocket scientists, became a pioneer in America’s space program following World War II. But it was von Braun’s conversion to Christ that captured the attention of Assemblies of God radio preacher C. M. Ward. Ward interviewed the scientist in 1966, during which von Braun described the … [Read more…]

The Old is New

William “Bill” Bjoraker, Assemblies of God U.S. missionary to Jewish people since 1993, is launching a new initiative equipping everyday Christians for Jewish missions. The initiative, which he calls Encountering the Jewish World, uses an informal practical training model, in contrast to a formal degree-granting program. “Storytelling has a strong tradition in Jewish history,” says … [Read more…]

Marathon Effort Helps Kids Attend Camp

Assemblies of God U.S. Missionary Isaac Olivarez, 37, is the director and founder of Urban Outreach Denver. However, he harbored a hatred — to this day, he vividly remembers his intense, passionate distaste for running. But God took something Olivarez “never ever” desired for himself (running), and made it an answer to prayer. “I hated … [Read more…]

Transformed Through Trials

When a church grows from a dozen regular attendees to over 200 in just six years, the change is monumental. But when that church is in a town with a population of only 600, it can be transformational for the town itself. Throw a devastating fire into the mix, and a picture of God’s grace … [Read more…]

Senior Fulfillment

An Illinois church’s food pantry ministry is meeting needs outside and inside the congregation, both feeding the hungry and providing a new assignment to a group of retired seniors. Twice a week, City Temple Assembly of God, pastored by Al and Cindi Langston, opens its doors to distribute food and clothing to Madison County. According … [Read more…]

Calvary Church Wins National JBQ Title

Calvary Church (AG) of Naperville, Illinois, survived a close challenge to take home the Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ) team quizzing title during the 2016 National JBQ Festival held June 9-11 at the Sheffield Family Life Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Calvary Church edged out Living Word Community Church (AG) of Mechanicsville, Virginia, for the title. … [Read more…]

AG Church Held for Ransom?

It used to be that one of the easiest ways for scammers to make big money was simply follow disaster — pose as a legitimate contractors, make big promises, and take advantage of desperate victims. Today, as at least one AG church discovered, all it takes for a scammer to make quick money is for … [Read more…]

Embracing its Vision, Global University Resigns from DEAC

Founded in the Pentecostal tradition, Global University from its start established a concrete mission to prepare men and women for Spirit-empowered ministry worldwide. In order to advance this mission, certain standards for academics, governance, and the very nature of the institution were set in place. Global University developed relationships with multiple accreditation agencies and, through … [Read more…]