America Prays

In January 2017, the state of New Mexico faced serious needs. The budget deficit approached $250 million, crime rates escalated, and one of the state’s largest employers, Intel, eliminated jobs. Amid this crisis, pastors from across the Land of Enchantment began to pray. Brian D. Alarid, founding pastor of Passion Church in Albuquerque, spearheaded the … [Read more…]

Reaching an Online Mission Field

On social media, in the midst of people’s Instagram feeds and Facebook timelines, Matt D. Brown sees a mission field. The evangelist and author’s ministry organization, Think Eternity, places a strong emphasis on what it calls “digital missions.” The ministry’s various Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels now touch more than 2.5 million followers a day … [Read more…]

This Week in AG History — Oct. 29, 1961

The German District Council of the Assemblies of God was organized 97 years ago to serve German-speaking Pentecostals in the United States. The German district (known as the German Branch until 1973) was birthed in the fall of 1922 at a meeting held in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Participants at the organizing meeting came from Michigan, … [Read more…]

Persevering into Victory

HAVERHILL, Massachusetts — When Northpoint Bible College President J. David Arnett first saw new student Quianna L. Zaetz on campus, he figured she had it all together. From her appearance, Arnett thought she would have had a traditional moral background.  In reality, when the Lawrence, Massachusetts, native arrived at the Assemblies of God school in … [Read more…]

The Spirit Stirs Generations in Argentina

Kim and Shari Babcock, AGWM missionaries to Argentina, share the following recent testimonies of how God’s Holy Spirit is moving in the lives of Argentina’s young and old, empowering them for service. Twenty-year-old Maile, a King’s Castle ministry graduate, was on a train when a man began speaking out disruptively and disturbing the other passengers. … [Read more…]

Hope on the Streets

God healed Darlene Smith-Atkins of fatal kidney disease at the age of 7. At 19, she survived a near-fatal car crash. At 31, she died on the operating table during bilateral breast cancer surgery, but God brought her back to life. Now, at 61, Smith-Atkins pastors a Sunday evening Street Church in Greenville, South Carolina, … [Read more…]

Daniel Romanchuk — a Child of God

He’s a world-class para athlete, winner of the Boston, New York, London, and Chicago (twice) marathons. He’s the world-record holder in the 800-meter and 5,000-meter distances. He’s the 2019 world champion wheelchair marathoner in the world, the men’s wheelchair champion of the Abbott World Marathon Majors Series XII, and a proud Paralympian who will represent … [Read more…]

Transformational Living

Arkansas Fifth Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney David L. Gibbons couldn’t believe it when Pope County Sheriff Jay Winters told him in 2000 that he had made inmate Marcus Hubbard a trustee on work detail in the sheriff’s office. Gibbons had prosecuted Hubbard, who received a 10-year sentence in 1999 upon being convicted of manufacturing methamphetamines … [Read more…]

Not a Bird

An Assemblies of God evangelist is on a mission to help Christians understand and fully experience the third person of the Trinity. “The biggest misconception people tend to have about the Holy Spirit is that He is for the ‘spiritual elite,’” says Ty C. Buckingham, 27. “There seems to be this overwhelming insecurity in regards … [Read more…]

Ministry Tent Destroyed, BGMC to the Rescue

Darrell and Sandy Blatchley have been serving on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines for the past 24 years through AG World Missions. For those 24 years, they have resided in Davao City. The Blatchley’s Family Circus Children’s Ministry is designed to reach children and the children’s parents. The community that they are … [Read more…]