The Empty Space During the Holidays

It’s the season to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. There is much to be done: shopping for gifts, putting lights on the tree and the house, and preparing food for friends and family. Culturally the holidays are thought to be times of joy, making memories, and participating in family traditions. Yet for some of … [Read more…]

Honoring Pillars While Branching Out

When a church bus picked up 13-year-old Troy H. Jones in 1980 for the first time, nobody foresaw that 25 years later he would become the lead pastor at the same church and help renew its 90-year mission to reach the lost. Today, New Life Church in Renton, Washington, where Jones is lead pastor, is … [Read more…]

Dig Continues to Confirm Bible's Accuracy

The Assemblies of God Center for Holy Lands Studies (CHLS) provides a regular column to AG News that offers deep and sometimes surprising insight into the Word of God through close examination of the culture of the day, biblical sites, and archaeological records. In this article, Jeremy Stein, the CHLS Content Development coordinator, shares a … [Read more…]

Julie’s Cookies

Hawaiian snowballs, peanut butter reindeer, and Christmas Eve mice are just three of the 25 varieties of cookies to be consumed on Cookie Day at LeRoy Assembly of God. These sweet treats have enabled Julie Patterson to make a connection with the Kansas town of 550 people where her husband, Charlie, is pastor. Cookie Day … [Read more…]

Developing Gifts — Key to Liberty Church Success

Tory and Elizabeth Farina are experienced church planters. Having already spent over eight years founding and co-pastoring a highly successful church plant in Minnesota, they felt God leading them to pioneer a new plant in Woodbury, a suburb of St. Paul. With the confidence of a confirmed calling by God and their church planting experience, … [Read more…]

Called Out

Janet L. Boynes felt deeply unhappy. The Maple Grove, Minnesota, native had been medicating her pain through alcohol and an eating addiction, but nothing seemed to quell the ache she felt, especially the homosexual lifestyle she lived. Boynes had walked away from her faith 14 years earlier when she broke off a wedding engagement to … [Read more…]

Anxiously Awaiting…or Awaiting with Anxiety?

Are you anxiously awaiting the holidays or awaiting the holidays with anxiety? Or depression? First, let’s state the obvious. For many, the end-of-year holidays are the most stressful, anxiety/depression prone time of the year. You really don’t need a Spirit- filled psychologist to tell you that! It is highly likely that you or someone you … [Read more…]

Revival for a New Generation

Forty years ago, Bruce and Linda Stefanik, now both 62, came to Christ as hitchhiking hippies during the Jesus movement. Today, they lead Church on the Hill, a suburban Salem, Oregon, congregation that is reaching a new generation of young people: millennials. “Millennials are people of vision,” Bruce says. “They care, they’re passionate about issues … [Read more…]

This Week in AG History — Dec. 4, 1915

An estimated 800,000 to 1,500,000 ethnic Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire (present day Turkey) were systematically rounded up and killed by Ottoman authorities between the years 1915 and 1918. The Armenian Genocide, as it came to be known, is the second-most studied case of genocide, following the Jewish Holocaust. Newspapers around the world reported … [Read more…]