Healed of Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Misty Burdette was dying. Breast cancer, which had been in remission for eight years, had returned with a vengeance. And this time doctors weren’t talking cure, but using phrases such as quality of life, slowing the progression, and extending her time, because there is no known cure for stage 4 breast cancer. Burdette, who is … [Read more…]

Special Events Draw Unchurched

In the suburbs of one of the Midwest’s fastest-growing cities, a church plant in its fourth year is reaching the area’s families, youth, and unchurched. Summitcreek Church has grown to more than 300 weekly attendees since it launched in 2015 in Johnston, Iowa. Lead pastor Jonathan C. Palmer, 32, says the church’s steady increase over … [Read more…]

Loving the Broken

Transient residents in one of the most depressed areas of Orlando, Florida, have found a haven for their souls in a nontraditional church started by a lay minister couple who saw a dire community need. Nine years ago, Paul and Jessie Downey launched One Church Fairvilla, an expression of One Church in Longwood, Florida. The … [Read more…]

Keeping Faith After Amputations

Kaylene Murphy doesn’t remember the moment the five-foot slab of rock gave way, amputating her left leg and crushing her left hand. In fact, she remembers very little of the accident that forever changed her life on June 30, 2018. Murphy, 32, and her boyfriend, Josh Baker, were climbing at Natural Bridge, near Big Timber, … [Read more…]

This Week in AG History — Feb. 17, 1963

When Assemblies of God missionary Sidney Goodwin (1936-1963) arrived in Ghana, West Africa, it was a homecoming he had been looking forward to for many years. Raised by missionary parents Homer and Thelma Goodwin, Sidney grew up in Ghana, knew its languages and customs, and loved its people. After studying in the United States, he … [Read more…]

Inheriting a Passion for Reaching Kids

Bill R. Harness never would have become a minister if not for a cute girl who rang the doorbell. Harness, 19 at that time, felt smitten when 16-year-old Becky came to his family’s home selling plastic garbage cans for a band fundraiser. Bill’s schoolteacher mother, LaVaye, knew Becky as a former student and told Bill … [Read more…]

Change of Scenery

The Assemblies of God National Center for the Blind closed its Springfield, Missouri, offices Feb. 1 and will be relocated to Waupaca, Wisconsin, under the auspices of Special Touch Ministry. Both ministries have been part of U.S. Missions. Paul Weingartner served as director of the Center for the Blind for the past quarter century. Charlie … [Read more…]

Beyond Four Walls

Launching Essence Place  in West Hartford, Connecticut, in the spring of 2018 has tested the faith and perseverance of lead pastors Brad and Christan Causey. In sync with spiritually frigid New England, Connecticut is comprised of a 23 percent “nones” population, those defined as atheists, agnostics, or claiming no religion. West Hartford residents paint a … [Read more…]