Reaching Romania, Reaching Europe

The day Raegan Glugosh discovered row upon row of abandoned babies in a Romanian hospital maternity ward, she resolved to do something about it. Leaving her career as a registered nurse in the Los Angeles suburbs, she moved to Romania in 1998 to follow God’s call on her life. After working for nearly a decade … [Read more…]

Taking the Community’s Pulse

Paris is located at the foot of Mount Magazine, the highest point in Arkansas. Kenny A. Maness, pastor of Paris First Assembly, likens the town of 3,400 to the fictional Mayberry of The Andy Griffith Show in the 1960s. Maness, in his only senior pastorate, has been leading the church for 26 years. The population … [Read more…]

Influencing the Nation’s Capital

Paul Hanfere worked as a project manager for Dell when he felt God call him into ministry. He quit his job, sold his car, and gave away possessions. When he began attending a ministry school, he had no idea God would use him to start a church that would attract 431 attendees its first Sunday. … [Read more…]

This Week in AG History — Jan. 19, 1935

Assemblies of God missionary Victor Plymire (1881-1956) was a man who never backed down from an adventure — if the adventure included being able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Serving in China and Tibet from 1908 through 1949, Plymire did not waver from his passion for sowing seeds of good news wherever he … [Read more…]

Even the Winds Obey Him

Connie M. McQuin never lost consciousness from her ride in the eye of a tornado last year. McQuin and her relatives sat on the first floor of the Gillette, Wyoming, home she shared with her son Matt when phones began to ding about a tornado watch. McQuin, 59, says the alert didn’t worry her much. … [Read more…]

"God, that's a Bad Idea"

Pastor Angelo Austria has seen God work in undeniably miraculous ways many times in and through his life and in his church, New Life Christian Center, in Reno, Nevada. But when God told him to “go homeless” last July, he had to let God know — that was a bad idea . . . really … [Read more…]

No Small Achievements

When she sensed a ministry calling at age 15, Delana Ingram Small already knew she would become a U.S. Army chaplain. “I didn’t know the implications of being an Army chaplain,” Delana recalls. “I just knew that God had called me for something significant.” She enrolled at Evangel University, in part because the AG school … [Read more…]

The Ring of Pontius Pilot?

The Assemblies of God Center for Holy Lands Studies (CHLS) provides a regular column to AG News that offers deep and sometimes surprising insight into the Word of God through close examination of the culture of the day, biblical sites, and archaeological records. In this article, Jeremy Stein, the CHLS Content Development coordinator, shares insight … [Read more…]

Blessing MKs

City Center Church in Lenexa, Kansas, looks upon missionary kids as heroes. And every year, the church goes over the top to make several of them feel that way. For the past decade, the church has held an annual banquet for missionary kids attending Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri. The event, which typically occurs in … [Read more…]

Lighting the Arctic Darkness

Despite 65 sunless days from mid-November through the end of January, not to mention frostbiting subzero temperatures, the gospel’s light warms Utqiaġvik, Alaska, home to the northernmost Assemblies of God church in the U.S. “We emphasize the work of the Holy Spirit that ignites a hunger for more of God,” says Gene O. Markle Jr., … [Read more…]