Bringing Peace to a Traumatized Community

Caruthersville is a town in the true bootheel of Missouri. Pemiscot County, where Caruthersville is located, is the Show Me State’s most southeastern point, touching both Tennessee and Arkansas. It’s a rural agricultural economy, with cotton, rice, and soybean fields dotting the landscape. But Caruthersville is also a poverty-stricken and natural disaster-prone area, resulting in … [Read more…]

Prostitute to Pastor

As a young girl growing up in small-town Indiana, Amy J. Miranda dreamed of being a preacher. But her stepfather told her women could not be preachers. As a result, Miranda, who never knew her biological father, began to question her identity in church and her role there. In her teenage years, Miranda rejected Christ, … [Read more…]

This Week in AG History — Dec. 11, 1960

Revivaltime, the Assemblies of God weekly broadcast heard on the ABC radio network from 1953 to 1995, was one of the Fellowship’s most successful national ministries. Its hosts, C. M. Ward (1953-1978) and Dan Betzer (1979-1995), became two of the best-known Assemblies of God personalities, known to millions of listeners “coast to coast and around … [Read more…]

An Embattled, Victorious Church

On Sunday, Dec. 2, 14 people were killed by terrorists at an evangelical church in eastern Burkina Faso. The attack is the most recent in a string of attacks on churches across Africa, including one on an Assemblies of God church in Burkina Faso in April. As part of the October 2019 WorldView magazine (pg.22), … [Read more…]

Ex-Addict Turns Entrepreneur

HAVERHILL, Massachusetts — The soft-spoken Brian O. Mohika tearfully recounts his past transgressions, how he lived a double life while repeatedly disappointing the Lord after seeking forgiveness. “I would raise my hands in the air in worship and fall to my knees at the altar,” Mohika recalls. “But by the end of the day, I … [Read more…]

Blessings in the Neighborhood

Bob I. Willard and his wife, Judy, walk 3 miles every week through the Buckeye and Woodland Hills neighborhoods on the east side of Cleveland, urgently praying for their community. Along with a low-income public housing project and single-family homes, they pass bars, liquor stores, check-cashing businesses, payday loan signs, and vacant lots. Crime prevails. … [Read more…]

Resourcing and Reviving Rural Ministers

Wes R. Bartel started Rural America Ministries (RAM) Network a couple of years ago as an Assemblies of God entity that invests in rural congregations and pastors. “Around 50 percent of our churches are rural,” Bartel says. “We want to make sure rural pastors know they are important.” Bartel notes that many bucolic pastors are … [Read more…]

Drawing Inspiration

To some, the funny pages are the best part of the newspaper. For Assemblies of God minister Paul F. Gray of Carlisle, Indiana, his comic strip is a platform to present the gospel message by tickling readers’ funny bone. Since 2002, Gray has drawn the faith-based cartoon “Shades of Gray” for the religious page of … [Read more…]