Preaching Weekly at 88

When a preacher’s car got stuck in a snowdrift near Sparta, Missouri, over 70 years ago, a local farm girl offered the use of the family phone. The resulting friendship led to a lifetime of ministry for Buena M. Huffman, now 88 and still preaching. After using the phone, evangelist Warren W. Davenport, who planned … [Read more…]

AGWM, Convoy of Hope Continue Dorian Relief

Last week, after Hurricane Dorian decimated the northern portion of the Bahamas, AG World Missions immediately sent emergency relief funds and a three-person Convoy of Hope (COH) team arrived in the islands to begin damage assessment and help AG leaders organize relief through local churches. AGWM Caribbean Area Director David Speer reports that two AG … [Read more…]

Coming Home to Appalachia

Emily Landers Houser’s dream of giving women a place to go after incarceration will become a reality when the Smoky Mountain Dream Center opens in eastern Tennessee. Houser, a western North Carolina native, moved to eastern Tennessee with her husband, Britt, and three children, William, 13, Cora, 10, and Nate, 9. After completing Global University … [Read more…]

This Week in AG History — Sept. 14, 1935

How do economic troubles affect churches? According to common wisdom, economic downturns bring spiritual upturns. As the theory goes, when people discover they cannot be self-sufficient, they look for spiritual solutions to their problems. But is this really the case? History reveals that the Assemblies of God grew significantly during the Great Depression of the … [Read more…]

Remembering Sept. 11

Liz D. Rios lugged a stack of books she planned to share with her women in ministry class at Nyack College in Manhattan. But the heavy, bulky load prompted her to alter her routine morning doughnut run. First, she decided, she would head to her office to drop off the books. That snap decision on … [Read more…]

Turning Jailhouse Salvations into Bedrock Christians

Chaplain Bob Durham is potentially an inmate’s greatest ally – just as much as he may be an inmate’s greatest skeptic. Because over his four-plus decades of prison ministry he has learned a thing or two about inmates, con games, jailhouse salvations, and authentic transformations. When Durham, an AG-endorsed chaplain through U.S. Missions Chaplaincy Ministries, … [Read more…]

Multigeneration Ministry Legacy

Tommy Barnett entered the ministry at age 16 and shaped some great ministries, including Phoenix First Assembly (now Dream City Church), a highly influential annual pastors’ conference, and the Dream Center in Los Angeles, co-founded with son Matthew. Today, Tommy’s three children lead ministries of their own as they carry the family legacy into the … [Read more…]

Ninja Warrior Outreach Impacts Community

Salmon ladder, spider wall, shrinking steps, peg board, 15-foot warped wall . . . a curious wish list for a unique home makeover? To some, perhaps, but for those familiar with the American Ninja Warrior program these are all iconic parts of some of the challenging obstacle courses athletes face in their quest of becoming … [Read more…]

The Long Road to Chaplaincy

A trio of enlisted soldiers formerly assigned to Fort Bragg are beginning classes this term at Assemblies of God Theological Seminary after transferring into the Army Reserves and enrolling as U.S. Missions military chaplain candidates. Brent J. Lake, Minhee Lee, and Jonathan B. Williams all have moved to Springfield, Missouri, from the North Carolina post. … [Read more…]

Re-educating the Church

A glance at social media or online news quickly shows that Bible knowledge these days is frighteningly low. A 2019 Barna survey of U.S. adults showed only 5 percent as “Bible centered,” meaning that Scripture informs their lives and choices. Nearly half are “Bible disengaged,” meaning the Word of God has no impact on them. … [Read more…]