Nonprofit Assists Assimilation

Several years ago, Karen and Martin Yac participated in a three-day parenting seminar at their church, Centro de Vida Victoriosa, an Assemblies of God church in East Los Angeles. But Karen wanted to do more than implement the principles in their home — she wanted to teach them to other parents of public school students. … [Read more…]

Pastor Miraculously Delivered from Death's Door

On Nov. 25 at about 5:45 p.m., Pastor Glen Berteau suffered a cardiac arrest. Different than a heart attack, a cardiac arrest means the heart stops dead — no irregular beats or partial blood flow. Lights on, lights off. Living, dead. Berteau and his wife, Deborah, have led The House (AG) in Modesto, California, for … [Read more…]

Meeting Community Needs

Along the boundary line between Stone County, Missouri, and Carroll County, Arkansas, roads meander past rolling pastures, rocky streams, and woods. But the peaceful scene hides a darker side of the Ozarks. Many families live in poverty. Some commute to work at poultry processing plants or small-town restaurants, but jobs are not plentiful. Some are … [Read more…]

A Call to Grow

When Charisse asked Christopher Groh for a ride to church Sunday mornings so she could teach Sunday School in 2014, she didn’t know one day the pair would be preparing to grow a future family on unfamiliar soil among unreached people groups. Christopher Robert Groh and Charisse Elizabeth Groh both grew up in the Assemblies … [Read more…]

Ability Tree Opens New R.E.S.T. Center

It took only about 10 months to build, but the new state-of-the-art Ability Tree R.E.S.T. Center in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, has been a dream in the making for U.S. missionaries Joe and Jen Butler for years. The Butlers are the founders of Ability Tree and minister under AG U.S. Missions Intercultural Ministries. Since 2010, the … [Read more…]

Entrepreneur Turns Pastor at 50

Ron L. Ingelido spent years serving in volunteer ministry roles while juggling careers in rental properties and sales as well as an entrepreneur for a company that refurbished propane tanks. But at age 50, God moved Ingelido into full time-time ministry. He became pastor of New Stanton Assembly of God in Pennsylvania in September 2019, … [Read more…]

This Week in AG History — Jan. 24, 1965

This week we commemorate the founding of Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (APTS) in the Philippines, which was originally called the Far East Advanced School of Theology (FEAST). Through the years a number of Bible institutes were established in the Far East, but there was a need for advanced education for pastors and teachers. The Far … [Read more…]

From Hollywood to Helping the Hurting

E. Anthony Sluzas worked as an aspiring actor living in Hollywood who had landed speaking roles on sitcoms of the early 1980s such as the highly rated Three’s Company. But back at his apartment, he cried out to God every night to rescue him from a life of addiction. “Sometimes it was almost as if … [Read more…]

Fighting the Human Trafficking Scourge

Human trafficking is reported in the news, seen in television dramas, and detailed in documentaries. While estimates vary, between 20 million and 40 million people around the world are now victims of modern-day slavery. Women are victims more often, with a staggering one in 10 children working in forced labor. January is National Slavery and … [Read more…]

Full Circle Journey

Pastor Wendell R. Vinson baptized 10-year-old Steve S. Kramer at Highland Assembly of God when the Bakersfield, California, church had 50 attendees. Today, 36 years later, the church, now renamed Canyon Hills Assembly, has six campuses and 4,000 adherents. And Kramer has reunited with Vinson, as director of the Vulnerable Initiative of CityServe International, a … [Read more…]