New Prayer Center Brings College Together

Faculty and students alike at Trinity Bible College and Graduate School (TBC) in Ellendale, North Dakota, are excited about the completion and dedication of their new $2.5 million, 12,000-square foot prayer center on campus — for both spiritual and practical reasons. Made possible through the full donation by alumnus Reuben Liechty and his wife, Clarice, … [Read more…]

Redeeming Lost Pregnancies

“I can’t find a heartbeat. I’m sorry.” Celeste Austin listened to her doctor’s devastating words. At the age of 29, she and Wade, her husband of three years, had been thrilled about the couple’s first pregnancy. It should have been a normal checkup. Now the horrifying truth sank in. No warnings, no symptoms, no more … [Read more…]

Aiming High

Editor’s note: This is one in a series of PE News articles on people in the Assemblies of God under the age of 20 who are making an impact in their communities. Participating in long-range shooting competitions is common for ex-military snipers and shooting instructors. But who would think a 10-year-old boy could outshoot the … [Read more…]

Who Was Gamaliel?

The Assemblies of God Center for Holy Lands Studies (CHLS) provides a regular column to PE News that offers deep and sometimes surprising insight into the Word of God through close examination of the culture of the day, biblical sites, and archaeological records. In this article, Wave Nunnally, Ph.D., professor of Early Judaism and Christian Origins at Evangel University … [Read more…]

Engaging in Dialogue

OAK GROVE, Missouri — Alex Bryant Jr. and his wife, Angie, have tried to be reconcilers between cultures and generations throughout their 21-year marriage. It’s never been easy. Before their wedding in 1995, relatives on both sides had to adjust to the thought of a spouse from another race becoming part of the family. The … [Read more…]

A Quest for the Written Word

As the number of Hispanics in the U.S. increases, so must the understanding of how churches can cater to the different generations represented. Various age groups adapt to their surroundings in different ways, so multiple methods are needed to meet disparate cultural needs.   In the past 15 years, the number of Hispanic Assemblies of … [Read more…]

This Week in AG History — October 27, 1934

Myer Pearlman (1898-1943) was one of the foremost educators and writers in the early Pentecostal movement. Born into a Jewish family in Edinburgh, Scotland, he moved with his family to Birmingham, England, at age seven. He received his common-school training at the Birmingham Hebrew School and excelled in his studies. At age 14 he mastered … [Read more…]

Bigger Than Baseball

The abrupt end of his professional baseball career marked the beginning of God’s dream for evangelist Fred Felton III. Now Felton believes he is living the best of both worlds. Before he accepted Christ as Savior, Felton was obsessed with playing professional baseball. He modified his quest after his salvation decision. “All I wanted to … [Read more…]