Relief Pours into Texas and Caribbean; Staged in Florida

AG World Missions, Convoy of Hope, and U.S. Missions have come to the aid of hundreds of thousands of hurricane victims since Hurricane Harvey struck and Hurricane Irma decimated islands in the Caribbean, but their efforts are far from over. “Our Latin American Caribbean leadership are interacting with our missionaries and national church leadership throughout … [Read more…]

Claudia's Miracle<br />

Seventeen-year-old Claudia Oggero lay on the road, bleeding. Swirling around her, she heard the voices of neighbors and friends she had known her entire life. “Who is this person? Does anyone recognize her or know where she lives?” Moments before, Claudia had been on her bicycle, peddling down the road to work. Suddenly, straight in … [Read more…]

Arsonist Destroys Church

A Sunday morning blaze that destroyed a rural Arkansas Assemblies of God church is a suspected arson fire. The predawn conflagration enveloped Crossroads Assembly of God, a congregation of 85 adherents in southwest Arkansas. The church is located four miles from Delight, a town of 270 people best known as the hometown of the late … [Read more…]

Where a Meal Opens the Door to Change

Since 2010, Chef John Stout, an Assemblies of God U.S. Missionary with Church Planters and Developers, has been working with Mercy Chefs, a ministry with a primary focus of ministering to victims of disaster, first responders, and volunteers with freshly made, restaurant-quality “comfort foods.” Although some may wonder how missions and meals are connected, Stout’s … [Read more…]

Appreciating the Police

A failed outreach in 2013 opened the doors for the members of Christian Heritage Church to minister to the community of Avon, Ohio, for years to come. Jeffrey M. Phail, lead pastor of Christian Heritage Church, and his team planned “I Love Avon Day” to honor police officers, firefighters, and city workers. On the day … [Read more…]

Land of Multiethnic Opportunity

Six years ago, Stephen and Gloria Okeke visited the United States at the urging of a white missionary friend they knew in their native Nigeria. They didn’t plan on leaving the well-established, growing Pentecostal church Okeke pastored in Nigeria. But as the plane landed on U.S. soil, Okeke says he sensed the Lord telling him … [Read more…]

Shooting for Speed the Light

Collin Edwards is a gifted long-range shooter. He outshoots ex-military snipers and shooting instructors at various competitions. And the truly amazing part? He’s only 11 years old. Collin has a dream of using his talent to help others and to serve God. One of Collin’s goals is to join the U.S. Army Rangers as a … [Read more…]

Record Enrollment at Southeastern University

Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, started its academic year on Wednesday, Aug. 30, with record-breaking enrollment for a seventh year in a row. The university anticipates a total enrollment of nearly 7,000 students, an increase of more than 1,000 students than last year. Much of the growth is related to university president Kent Ingle’s emphasis … [Read more…]