Rebounding from Tragedy

A taxi driver slowed down on a busy street in Staten Island, a borough of New York City, recognizing Ronald L. Squibb, lead pastor of the International Christian Center (ICC). He waved and stopped to talk with Squibb, then en route home after a morning session at the gym. Strangers like the taxi driver recognize … [Read more…]

Called to Serve

The first time James H. Reed read the Bible through, he was on a ship en route to Japan in 1945. His mother had slipped the Scriptures into Reed’s briefcase, where it remained relatively untouched throughout boot camp. “After boot camp, it took us 31 days to get to Japan, and the sea was rough … [Read more…]

Remembering the Persecuted

Religiously motivated persecution is on the rise around the world. According to a recent report, 75 percent of all victims of religiously motivated violence and oppression are Christians1. By some estimates, more Christians died for their faith in the last century than in the previous 19 centuries combined2, and Christians continue to flee their homes, … [Read more…]

Museum of the Bible Opening Mid-November<br />

When visitors to Washington, D.C., tour the capital’s historic museums and monuments in the future, they’ll have more than just American history to learn. They’ll also have the opportunity to explore the history of the best-selling book of all time – the Bible. The $500 million, 430,000-square-foot Museum of the Bible is scheduled to open … [Read more…]

Sam Huddleston’s Roundabout Journey

Samuel M. Huddleston attends his first meeting next week as a member of the 21-member Assemblies of God Executive Presbytery, the top policy-making body of the U.S. Fellowship with over 3.2 million adherents. His election is a natural culmination for a 64-year-old ministry leader, who has an earned doctorate from Regent University and who has … [Read more…]

Remembering the Impossible

Jason P. Noble, pastor of First Assembly Church in St. Peters, Missouri, hung up the phone and exhaled heavily. He’d just received the call no minister wants to get. That day, Jan., 19, 2015, churchgoer John Smith had fallen through ice into a lake and had been submerged for 15 minutes. The outcome didn’t look … [Read more…]

AG World Missions Highlights "Every Tribe, Every Nation"

Assemblies of God World Missions has announced “Every Tribe, Every Nation” as its annual ministry theme for 2018. The Fellowship’s missions arm develops annual themes as a unifying and motivating tool for churches and members supporting its work in more than 190 nations. Missions has remained a central element of the AG’s corporate identity throughout … [Read more…]