Pioneer Work Still Bearing Fruit

On a crisp autumn day in 1943, Lenora B. Annabel and Donna J. Liebler moved to Adrian, Michigan, to plant the community’s first Assemblies of God church. Liebler had been saved under Annabel’s ministry at an AG church in Peck, Michigan, and the two set out to launch the new work after Liebler finished Bible … [Read more…]

Talk About Jesus to Me: Revival in Iran

Centuries before Christ, the Persian Empire ruled more than 40 percent of the known world. Persian kings like Xerxes and Darius played integral roles in Jewish history — particularly Cyrus, who contributed to the rebuilding of the temple and the return of the Jewish remnant from captivity. What was once Persia is now modern Iran. … [Read more…]

Refocused Attention

Luis D. Hernandez retired in June after 38 years as pastor of Light of the World Assembly of God Church in Rochester, New York, and has passed the baton of ministry at the church to Ruben Serrano, 46. But at 66, Hernandez isn’t finished with ministry. In September, Hernandez began a Bible study at Harbor … [Read more…]

Out of the Ashes

Kenelma Salamanca’s Maestras del Bien (“teachers of good”) ministry in violent gang-infested Southern California neighborhoods near Los Angeles reached the backbone of the community: single moms and widows. As a ministry of Ministerio a la Luz de la Palabra, the Compton, California, Assemblies of God congregation she co-pastors with her husband, Mario, Kenelma witnessed phenomenal … [Read more…]

Splitting Wood for Speed the Light

When Ty Smith woke up Sunday morning, he could barely move. He couldn’t sit up in his bed because his abdominal muscles were in complete rebellion. He couldn’t push himself up with his arms, as they had been stressed beyond their limits. So, ironically, like a log, he rolled to the edge of his bed, … [Read more…]

Living Free

For Marie Carter, addiction was so powerful it didn’t matter who she hurt.  She began abusing drugs and alcohol at 14 years of age and by 17 had gotten pregnant in the hopes that starting a family would help her escape problems. “I wanted to be a good mother, but I was selfish and wanted … [Read more…]

The Kickstarter Gospel

When Jordan Donaldson, 26, Giancarlo Ospina, 26, and Jesse Tyler, 23 — all born and raised in the Assemblies of God — launched their collaborative Kickstarter campaign, “Manuscripts,” at noon on Oct. 24, they had no idea their $12,000 project would be fully funded within a mere five hours. “When we saw that we were … [Read more…]

SEU Announces First Ph.D. Program<br />

Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, has announced two new doctoral programs —  a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership (DSL), bringing the total number of doctoral degrees SEU offers up to four (the Ed.D. began in 2014 and the D.Min. in 2016). This is the first Ph.D. program for the university. … [Read more…]