This Week in AG History — October 20, 1957<br />

Thomas Ball Barratt (1862-1940), born to a Methodist family in England, became the most prominent Pentecostal pioneer in Norway. Barratt was recognized at a young age for being a gifted writer, artist, and composer of music. He could have succeeded in numerous professions. But following a life-changing encounter with God, the young Barratt dedicated his … [Read more…]

Casting Bread Upon the Water

Nathan and Cindy Timmerman are looking forward to spending some time with family and friends, now that they’ve returned home after three months sailing the fjords of Alaska. The U.S. missionary chaplains are back home in Seagoville, Texas, after 12 weeks working as volunteer naturalists on a trio of cruise ships. In those roles, the … [Read more…]

A Providential Calling

Maggie Dunn was a licensed therapist in southeast Michigan in 2001, working in the juvenile justice system with difficult, hard-core offenders when she began to understand more clearly a vision she and her husband, Jason, had received. Dunn was raised as the second of 14 children in Oakland Township, Michigan. Her parents, Jim and Michele … [Read more…]

CHLS Offers Opportunities to Participate in Dig at el-Araj<br />

Following several discoveries and international news coverage garnered by the el-Araj archeological excavation, sponsored in part by Center for Holy Lands (CHLS), CHLS Director Amy Turnage has announced that Evangel University theological professor and archeologist, Dr. Mark Jenkins, will be the CHLS field archeologist, partnering with lead archaeologist Dr. Mordechai Aviam of Kinneret Institute for … [Read more…]

Did God Abandon Jesus on the Cross?<br />

The Assemblies of God Center for Holy Lands Studies (CHLS) provides a regular column to PE News that offers deep and sometimes surprising insight into the Word of God through close examination of the culture of the day, biblical sites, and archaeological records. In this article, Wave Nunnally, Ph.D., professor of Early Judaism and Christian Origins at Evangel University … [Read more…]

Even Chicken Hatchery Needs a Chaplain

U.S. Missions Chaplain Virginia “Jenny” Young received her call into the ministry as a young girl. She didn’t expect that would lead her to a chicken hatchery. After spending years in more traditional ministry roles, such as youth pastor and church support staff, Young connected with Marketplace Chaplains . Marketplace Chaplains is a nondenominational organization … [Read more…]

A Heart for Harlem

The get-acquainted gathering could have been a downer for church planters in the borough of Manhattan’s Harlem neighborhood. Just eight people sat in a circle on folding chairs next to the New York bar in the former Zip Code nightclub, previously owned by world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson. By February 2015, the notoriously violent … [Read more…]

A Pioneer in Ministering to Inmate Families

Manford “Mannie” R. Craig sensed a calling to become a missionary at age 16. He figured that meant service in a foreign country, because that’s the only kind of missionary he heard about in the 1950s at Assemblies of God church services, prayer gatherings, and camp meetings. In Springfield, Missouri, in the mid-1960s, Craig graduated … [Read more…]

AG Kidmin Conference Coming in April 2018

“You could hear someone describe it, you could read a report about it, you could even watch a video of it, but there is nothing like being physically present in those powerful, sacred moments when God makes himself known!” For Mark Entzminger, Children’s Ministries senior director, the annual AG Kidmin Conference is far more than … [Read more…]