AG Church Held for Ransom?

It used to be that one of the easiest ways for scammers to make big money was simply follow disaster — pose as a legitimate contractors, make big promises, and take advantage of desperate victims. Today, as at least one AG church discovered, all it takes for a scammer to make quick money is for … [Read more…]

Embracing its Vision, Global University Resigns from DEAC

Founded in the Pentecostal tradition, Global University from its start established a concrete mission to prepare men and women for Spirit-empowered ministry worldwide. In order to advance this mission, certain standards for academics, governance, and the very nature of the institution were set in place. Global University developed relationships with multiple accreditation agencies and, through … [Read more…]

The Prodigal Returns

Once the keyboardist at one of the largest churches in the U.S., Stacy Hord forsook her strict Christian upbringing, divorced by her husband after 16 years of marriage, and started to regularly stay out all hours of the night, leaving her three adolescent sons to fend for themselves. On her downward spiral to despair, Hord … [Read more…]

This Week in AG History — June 16, 1963

Growing up as an Assemblies of God missionary kid in Puerto Rico in the 1920s and 1930s, Paul Finkenbinder (1921-2012) dreamed of reaching not just one country but all of Latin America with the gospel of Christ. He returned to the United States to attend Zion Bible Institute (Providence, Rhode Island) and Central Bible Institute … [Read more…]

Securing the Connection

It’s well known that the role of women within the family, workplace, politics, and countless other institutions and circumstances has changed drastically in recent decades. It’s no surprise that how women relate to church is changing, too. The phenomenon is highlighted by a Barna Group research report that shares the findings of multiple studies conducted … [Read more…]

Church Provides Bushels of Blessings

For five years, Bushels of Blessings, a ministry of First Assembly of God in Carneys Point, New Jersey, has run a 21st century gleaning ministry where they have gathered produce from local farmers and distributed it to food pantries and organizations in the Delaware Valley at no charge. In the 2015-2016 harvest season, Bushels of … [Read more…]

Treating the Whole Family

Stacey McGough felt as though she had reached the end of the line in an effort to turn the life of her drug-addicted teenage son around. Hunter Lamoureux had gone to short-term treatment centers, a group home, chemical dependency counseling, and a psychologist. Being arrested, placed on probation, taking depression medication, and forced to wear … [Read more…]

Preaching to the Back Row

When he stands in a pulpit on a Sunday morning to kick off a prayer seminar at a church where he’s been invited, Assemblies of God ordained evangelist Kevin Senapatiratne sometimes wears a “superhero” T-shirt under his sports coat, displaying the logo to the congregation. “Prayer is not just for ‘Super Christians,’ ” says Senapatiratne, … [Read more…]

Sharing Jesus in The Ugly Mug

Church planters Brenton and Rachel Fessler discovered that packaging Sunday morning services inside a local coffee shop attracts a less-than-typical demographic. RefugeOC meets every Sunday in The Ugly Mug Coffee Shop in Old Towne Orange, California. This location is not just a magnet for the coffee drinkers at the local colleges — many people who have had … [Read more…]